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Social Media for Hotels

We are hospitality industry specialists who can help to promote your venue or business using web design, social media, online marketing and SEO.

Social media has changed the way that people choose to visit a pub, book a function and travel. Pubs of Australia is helping pubs and their suppliers to take advantage of everything the internet has to offer including Online Marketing and promoting your business by implementing a social media marketing strategy.

We can help you grow your business using these free social media tools

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • FourSquare
  • Urban Spoon, Tripadvisor
  • Blog's
  • Proximity Marketing

As each media has its place, we provide a cross media marketing strategy to promote your venue or pub. That's the integration of your direct mail, email marketing, landing pages on your website, mobile and social media.

Our online marketing services will help you to increase website traffic and improve communications with customers about your special deals and events. We are already doing this for many hotels and industry suppliers, ask us how we can do it for you.

Proximity Marketing for your Pub

Many look to bluetooth beacons as the best way to launch a proximity marketing campaign. However, sometimes beacons are not the easiest or best solution. With Pubs of Australia proximity marketing, you also have the option for QR codes, NFC (near field communication) and geofencing. Here is a breakdown of some pros and cons of each:

QR codes:

A code of black and white squares used for storing URLs or other info that can be read by a camera on a smartphone. You can get a unique code online and they are simple to deploy (even on a business card for example) but consumers do need to take the step of opening an app and pointing a camera to read it.


The technology deployed for many payment technologies but doesn’t have to be limited to payments. Basically, users need to place their phones near an NFC tag (usually 10cm or less). There’s a ton of marketing opportunity with NFC technology and the nice thing is you don’t need any app to work with NFC.

You do need some hardware and it is not automatic marketing like bluetooth when someone is in a certain area – they have to actively put their phone up to it. It is a great proximity tool to start out, but more mature marketing strategies take advantage of geofencing and beacons.


As you move with your phone, your mobile connection is managed between towers. Information can be sent to devices that are within a specific region. It’s not a precise technology, but it can be useful to ensure your message is only sent to the target audience you need at the time you want.

If there is no signal on the phone (out of range for example or in some black spots) then GPS will not work. If the GPS is working, it is usually accurate to about 3.5 meters (compared to 1 or so with beacons).


An indoor positioning system that enables a smart phone to perform actions when in proximity to a bluetooth Beacon. Typically there’s a mobile application that enables the technology. Basically, you can push content through Bluetooth and it is much more accurate than geofencing (though with Pubs of Australia you can use both at the same time). While NFC tags do not run on batteries generally, you will have to replace beacon batteries (every year or so) and they are more expensive.

Depending on your goal and the hardware, they can send signals between 1 and 70 meters. Security, both in terms of keeping the hardware safe and using quality software, is an issue. On the positive side, it is also worth noting – unlike Bluetooth in the past which was a vampire for energy, bluetooth only takes a few percentage of battery power a day now to leave on.

Which to choose?

It all depends on your venue. Define your audience and your goals and the best way to reach them with these four methods in mind. As you can see above, all proximity technology comes with pros and cons so the best option may be to try some combination of them.

Perhaps you want to use geofencing to send a message to someone when they are within 500 meters of your pub, beacons for their accuracy in store to send messages, NFC for payments and QR codes in ads on signage.

There are plenty of other ideas for mixing and matching. Just keep in mind that proximity marketing is much broader than beacons – it is basically any system that utilises location technologies to communicate with consumers using portable devices. This is why it is important to use a platform with flexibility and with Pubs of Australia you have that.

Make your Pub a Local with SEO

As a local venue or hotel business your customers are using online local directories and mapping services to search for your category. As a business seeking local customers, implementing a local SEO strategy is the most cost effective way to land your business in organic search results and put you ahead of your competitors. Stake your claim on Google+, Urban Spoon, Bing Local, Yelp, Four Square, Trip Advisor and other local directories to increase your visibility in search engines. Many of these sites are the primary source of finding out about a pub or venue by customers on the move using their smartphone.

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